College Mound United Methodist Church

About Us

Our Mission Statement: "meeting the spiritual needs of the future while preserving our traditions of the past"
College Mound United Methodist Church
We're a unique church nestled in large oak trees, resting atop a mound.  It has been a community of faith for 160 years!  The granite memorial standing at the entrance of the church walkway gives the date as 1845 when College Mound was established.  The "little white church on the mound" has stood the storms of time and been a refuge of hope and comfort to many, many people.  Circuit rider preachers were the first to minister here.  The church at its beginning was even shared between other denominations.
When one arrives at College Mound, they are certain to find a smiling face and an extended hand to welcome them.  "You are only a visitor here but once," is the greeting heard, the feeling being that after one visit "you are counted as a PART OF THE FAMILY!" 
Every Sunday morning we gather for coffee & donuts & FELLOWSHIP at 9:30 am in our fellowship hall.  We are still discovering new and meaningful ways that "Sunday School Makes A Difference" as we gather for Sunday School at 10:00am.  Sunday School has long been an important part of our life!  Just stop by the Progressive Class and look at the Sunday School Banner that dates from 1867!!!  We're continuing to grow in our Sunday School attendance, and have already added two new classes and are looking to add more in the near future - one of which is a class for College-aged persons. 
Every Sunday College Mound gathers together to worship "at the calling of the bell" ringing from the 100+ year old historic sanctuary!  
Another "ordinary" Sunday at the little white church on the mound has come to end - EXCEPT...
...there is little that is "ordinary" about our church, its people, the fellowship, the ministries we share,  or the joy that we share together in Christ!  The extraordinary is hard to describe with few words - it is best described by EXPERIENCING IT!!!
Therefore - we invite you to come and "be a visitor but once" at College Mound!!!  We'd rather have you experience life here as "PART OF THE FAMILY OF CHRIST"!!!


Call the church at (972) 524-1823 today!

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