College Mound United Methodist Church
Our preacher is Pastor Larry Davis.  We are so blessed that he has been at College Mound for over 29 years!  He is retiring - his last Sunday to preach is June 25, 2017

From Larry, 6/11/17

Beverly and I want to thank College Mound United Methodist Church and all those who attended the reception this last Saturday on June 10th! You touched our hearts! I want to thank you for ALL the memories you have gifted us with! One of the things that I hope to do is write music for small membership churches, of which I consider College Mound UMC one! That means we may be back on numerous occasions to let the choir be the first to try them out!!! One of the things that I've always taught other pastor's is to "honor the Christ that is already there". I hope College Mound will do a reverse of that with Pastor Bob and Susan - honor the Christ that is already there in their hearts. If you will do that, both the church and the Williams will grow ceaselessly in love with God and one another!
Again, "THANK YOU!" for your continued prayers for us, your thoughts, and your friendships!
Beverly and just plain "Larry"
Holy, Holy, Holy

As I reflect on the end of my 29 years of service to the people of College Mound UMC, I'm reminded that I've seen you at your worst, and I've seen you at your best (and so have you of me)
AND I STILL LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! Each of you are a unique expression of God's revealing love and personality. That's why it is sometimes disheartening for me when not everyone shows up on Sunday. That revelation of God is just a little less than it would be otherwise. It's not that we can't find or experience an impression of the "holy" when we are together - it's just sometimes not as clear as it
could be had we had others to let their own impression of the holy shine through them. Sometimes we just don't think of the holy presence of God living in each of us, BUT IT IS! Sunday we will sing "Holy, Holy, Holy". This song reminds us not only of the uniqueness of the Holy, but the unique holiness of each of us living out life in such a way that others might see the Holy living in us! And where does that take place? In church? Yes, but not only in church but every place we go and dwell and move and live out our daily lives!
We are holy! Not because of anything we have done, but because of the Holy One who dwells in each of us!

As we look for the Holy in each other, don't you think it just might make a difference not only in how we see one another, but how others see us so that we can see and affirm the good in one another instead of all the faults and bad things! The old hymn says, "take time to be holy" . . . but why not also take time to look for the holy in one another as well?!? 


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